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Kitchen Home /Paint / Remodel

exterior paint home remodel
interior paint home remodel
pool remodel resurface

This is an overview video of a full home/kitchen remodel that legacy craft construction performed on this very distressed home. Exterior and interior paint, wall repair, stucco repair, concrete repair, all new lighting fixtures inside and out, as well as new outlets.

Addition/ Bedroom / Remodel

room addition
lighting fixture
closet doors

This video is an example of how quickly we can do an interior addition. Framing a few walls, and adding drywall and paint is no problem for legacy craft construction. This remodel took place to prepare this home for sale. The walls and closet were added to bring the home to code.

new kitchen remodel backsplash

Cabinets/ Countertops / Backsplash

plumbing fixtures
kitchen island remodel
new kitchen cabinet remodel

This is a kitchen remodel that took place in Temecula California, the cabinetry was refaced and several cabinets where added to expand the kitchen, and new appliances, fixtures, countertops, and a backsplash was added. 3D modeling was performed before any remodeling took place.

3d modeling & Design

Hardscape / Pool / Concrete

new concrete slab
new infinity sport pool
concrete pool deck

This is an ariel view of a custom hardscape and pool that our team completed. The concrete and landscaping all have a very contemporary design that our design team achieved first with our customers before the project began.

exterior remodel pool design

Stairs / Pool / Concrete

travertine tile pool
hardscape sitting area patio
sport pool modern

This is a top-section view of a beautiful pool with cascading steps that our team completed in the greater San Diego area. Travertine tiles were used for a beautiful Mediterranean finish. With expanded sliding doors for amazing views.

Driveway / Grading / Concrete

concrete pumping rebar
concrete design hardscape
colored concrete pour

Concrete can be performed in many ways and styles. This colored concrete was poured for a basketball court. We Used A rebar grid stronger than your typical home to assure strength and longevity. Watch The Video!

in ground trampoline

Inground Trampoline

under ground trampoline
luxury hardscape
digging concrete labor

This in-ground trampoline was built for one of our luxury hardscape pool projects. After the grass grows around this trampoline it will have a beautiful seamless look that is sure to impress. The interior was filled with 2 ft of bass material to limit movement and have excellent drainage.

Bathroom / Shower / Remodel

bathroom remodel tile
shower bathroom remodel
replace tub shower remodel

This is part of a full home remodel that we did in the city of Temecula. This Bathroom remodels portion of the project shows the before and after photos of what it took to replace the tub assembly, redo the waterproofing, and retile the shower area.

stamped concrete

Stamped / Stairs / Concrete

concrete stairs
colored concrete
concrete rock design

This artificial rock was created around one of our hardscape luxury pool projects to form a stairway up to the slide and be a grotto while in the pool. A matching planter wall was also created for a cohesive look. Legacy Craft Construction can achieve a wide variety of different concrete finishes.

led vanity mirror

Bathroom / Home / Remodel

badette toilet seat
carrera quartz vanity countertop
European vanity bathroom remodel

This bathroom remodel was a full demo down to studs. All plumbing, electrical, drywall, flooring, tub, vanity, and medicine cabinets were replaced. The Led vanity mirror and Carrera stone gave this bathroom a very sleek, modern, and contemporary look.

colored concrete walkway

Pool / Concrete / Landscape

concrete form
grading compaction
concrete preperation

A concrete design like this can be a lot of work on the preparation side, and often out of the skillset of the average contractor. At legacy Craft Construction we pride ourselves on our 3D Modeling & Design abilities to achieve the most complicated & desired concrete designs.

Remodel/ Addition / Home

bathroom remodel tile
bathroom remodel vanity
bathroom remodel led mirror

Bathroom remodels can be a lot of work, and often have a lot of problems. Building a room that is waterproof and still has the ability to properly shed water is no simple task. Watch the video on this bathroom remodel that we took down to studs to create a completely unique and functioning bathroom.

Kitchen / Floor / Remodel

kitchen remodel backsplash
kitchen remodel flooring tile
kitchen remodel quartz countertop cabinets

Full home remodels can be difficult when you are preparing a home to be sold. Legacy Craft Construction has over 50 Fix & Flips. We consider ourselves experts on comping recently sold homes, that sold for top dollar in your area. While only fixing the necessary things for a cohesive beautiful result.

home remodel paint

Remodel / Paint / Floor

home remodel flooring
home remodel lighting
home remodel carpet flooring

New flooring, paint, baseboard, windows, kitchen, and bathrooms are no problem. This full home remodel had a fantastic result. It sold for top dollar in the first three days that it was listed and our customers 5x their investment while using us to do the entire project.

Paint/ Stain / Door

home remodel exterior paint
home remodel window replacement
home remodel deck

This is a partial home remodel and room addition that our company performed to prepare this very distressed home for the market. New Paint inside and out, Repaired deck and stain, new doors throughout, new electrical and light fixtures, along with a closet addition went a long way.  

pool concrete

Kitchen / Floor / Remodel

concrete pool deck
concrete rock pool grotto
grading dirt elevation digging

This is a pool that we are currently working on inside its rough stages. Choosing a shape, different elevations, styles, stones, landscaping, and everything it takes to build a beautiful piece of art can be challenging. Luckily for you are 3D design team can animate your project to your liking!

concrete pad

Remodel / Paint / Floor

colored concrete
concrete finish
concrete pumping

Proper concrete is something we are very passionate about at Legacy Craft Construction. Great ground compaction is the most necessary to prevent cracking and erosion underneath. Great rebar is for the longevity of the concrete. Amazing finishes and technical skills make for a beautiful result.

kitchen remodel backsplash

Paint/ Stain / Door

kitchen remodel appliances
kitchen remodel island
kitchen remodel cabinets

A kitchen remodel can be difficult, taking into consideration functionality, entertainment, and looks are at the forefront of our kitchen remodel process. Our 3D Design team does an excellent job taking spaces and optimizing them to their full potential & ability.

kitchen remodel temecula

Kitchen / Floor / Remodel

kitchen remodel riverside
new cabinets san diego
kitchen remodel drawer organizer

This kitchen received new cabinets, new doors, new quartz countertops, a subway backsplash, hardware, a farmhouse sink, light fixtures, and added light fixtures, along with pull-out drawer organizers. Built to last and entertain, this kitchen turned out amazing.

home remodel deck stain

Remodel / Paint / Floor

exterior deck repair
deck building patio
patio deck staining

Exterior Deck repair & Staining did a lot for this deck. This home remodel also received brand-new paint inside & out. Colors were picked to bring out its pre-determined forest surrounding by our design team. This project turned out amazing and we were happy to be a part of it.

landscape sod

Paint/ Stain / Door

interior paint design
light fixtures electrical
exterior siding replacement

This is a full home remodel that we did. A new roof, interior & exterior paint, siding, electrical, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, wainscoting, doors, landscaping, sod, and planter beds. Legacy Craft Construction is a great partner for your project.


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